Lymond Hardy - Fine Custom Furniture, Carpentry and Woodworking


Lymond Hardy is a Journeyman Carpenter and graduate of the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking program along with Capellagarden school of craft in Sweden.  He has been creating and crafting anything with everything that invites itself to change and transform.  Working on personal designs and helping others bring theirs to life will continue to change and transform who he will become.

The ability to bring function and sculpture together into a harmonious balance is the driving force behind my design and craft.

The work featured on this site has been exciting to do,  I will continue building and crafting for the enjoyment of it in itself.  If you are interested in anything I have built I can build something similar, if you have a design you want built I would be very happy to oblige.  Commissions are always welcome, as is any idea you may be considering.

Thank you