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All secured

The majority of the work on the staircase is now done. All the structural elements are locked in place and secure.  Now to start working with the cherry.   The more work I do on this the more I realize and appreciate the world of craft.  Functional sculpture and design is so easy to take for granted, it aids and beautifies... read more

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Retail shop. Acrylic, Concrete, Metal, Glass & Wood

This work led me into the wonderful world of double sided tapes.

All the acrylic was laminated to melamine with special tape.

The concrete was a difficult task as I had never used the white cement, aggregate or sand before. Lots of lessons learned.

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Staircase Work

This is a staircase I have been working on for months, it has really opened my eyes with how much work is involved in a project like this.

All the treads will be joined with sliding dovetails, the joinery is highlighted in the design so there is very little room for error.

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