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Website & Candy

The website is now functioning and I will be updating it frequently.  There will be some pictures and information. Here is a teaser picture of the Swedish candy aisle, they really love candy here.


Capellagarden Pictures

These are pictures of the Capellagarden grounds.  There is also a picture of a gnomes house, lets call him Emil Fulaklumpar.  Also known as the Lumpy Gnome living in the grass.

100_1790 100_1794 100_1795 100_1793 100_1792 100_1791

Vapensmeden Karmstol

These pictures show the progress on the "Gunsmith's Chair" designed by Karl Malmsten.  I am using Ash sourced locally from Oland.  It is quite friendly to work and has very pleasing tones.  I am enjoying this chair quite a bit, the draftimg process was very interesting. 

Here are some pictures... read more

100_1850 100_1849 100_1848 100_1847 100_1812 100_1846