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Finished Benches

The benches were completed last week, they had a good testing on the weekend and were then delivered.  A tung oil finish was used, the knotty bench was a little more of a hassle to finish as the knots kept bleeding oil. It turned into a late night for me in the shop.  Luckily I had some good finishing friends with me and good... read more

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Tea House

Tytus and I have been working on a tea house on the family property for the past couple of summers and we are pretty cose to completing it.  Soon we will be able to snowshoe across the Yukon river to have some winter tea.  It is a very well buily little pace cosidereing the size, warm and inviting. 

If I pick up... read more

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Cherry and fir bench progress

It is the norm when building chairs to assemble the back first, with these benches it seemed to me a better approach to do the sides first.  We will assemble the whole unit before any glue up as the fir is very easily dinged and I want to as little clean up as possible when these are assembled.  The idea is to make a little... read more

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