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Rail table details & origin

Winter and spring of 2007 was a busy time, I was attending the fourth and final year of my Carpentry apprenticeship. This table came to fruition through a commision.  A miner wanted a large dining table to last several lifetimes.  So I sketched up an idea and showed it to my brother Tytus for his thoughts.  I had originally... read more

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Snowed in shop setup

Well, it has been a long time for an update.  Tomorrow a new project will begin in the shop.   There has been all sorts of small projects since completing school but this is the start of furniture building.   Set up a 12" Jointer today so I can flatten wood expediently.  Tytus and I have been delving deep into the... read more

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Vanity Mirror Frames

These are some quick pictures of the mirror frames.  You canalso see how the ebony veneer work is progressing.

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