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Vapensmeden Karmstol Ful a Klumpar

The Malmsten inspired chair is now finished and on show at the Eureka campus.  In the end it was a rather tricky seat but it was the right choice.

Most of these pictures are before any finish was applied, there are pictures of the fully finished chair in the work section.

100_1874 100_1856 100_1857 100_1858 100_1864 100_1865 100_1866 100_1867 100_1868 100_1872 100_1873

Vapensmeden Karmstol

These pictures show the progress on the "Gunsmith's Chair" designed by Karl Malmsten.  I am using Ash sourced locally from Oland.  It is quite friendly to work and has very pleasing tones.  I am enjoying this chair quite a bit, the draftimg process was very interesting. 

Here are some pictures... read more

100_1850 100_1849 100_1848 100_1847 100_1812 100_1846

Queen of Denmark Workshop

These are some pictures of the royal palace workshop I was able to visit, beautiful place to work.  It is a converted stable so it retains much of its history by rule.  The small square I made for the harvest festival compitition luckily found a good home here, being used by a top notch craftsman.

100_1836 100_1838 100_1839 100_1840 100_1842 100_1828 100_1829 100_1832 100_1833 100_1843