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Cherry and fir bench progress

It is the norm when building chairs to assemble the back first, with these benches it seemed to me a better approach to do the sides first.  We will assemble the whole unit before any glue up as the fir is very easily dinged and I want to as little clean up as possible when these are assembled.  The idea is to make a little money.  

The reclaimed fir is a mixed bag when it comes to wood homogeny.  There are some gorgeous heavy dense pieces and knotty light wood that dents if you give it to stern of a look.  

The shop is cleaner by the day and more organised as the tools find there natural homes in the dust and clutter.  The cold and dark nights way heavily on my spirits as I contemplate the past years.  The loss of loved ones and letting go.  Work is there to busy the hands and craft calms and humbles the mind.

I have started calling these benches White Elephants as they were commissioned by the White family and I think about fridays in California  celebrating Elephants alot. Elephants is a weekly gathering of good people outside the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking shop.  I always thought about building a bench as my friend Tim did.   The picture with pink is the result of a good Elephant party last friday.

The other pictures show some shop chaos and a plywood bench built in an hour, at least the the vise recieved the baller white leather. treatment

Img_0159 Img_0157 Img_0156 Img_0116 Img_0120 Img_0121 Img_0150 Img_0153 Img_0155 Img_0152

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