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Finished Benches

The benches were completed last week, they had a good testing on the weekend and were then delivered.  A tung oil finish was used, the knotty bench was a little more of a hassle to finish as the knots kept bleeding oil. It turned into a late night for me in the shop.  Luckily I had some good finishing friends with me and good music.  All the pictures I took that night, as I polished and tended the finish.  


You may notice in a few of those photos it looks like I am brushing the wood, which I was.  But it was a dry brushing to remove the steel wool tidbits.  The brush is a very advanced Nano-bristle brush developed specifically for wooworkers and other finishers.  The nano fibres attract any loose particles which then disapear forever.  Beer helps too. And Swedish Snus.

Img_0179 Img_0210 Img_0199 Img_0198 Img_0196 Img_0193 Img_0189 Img_0187 Img_0186 Img_0185 Img_0184 Img_0183 Img_0180 Img_0206 Img_0205 Img_0203 Img_0200

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