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Snowed in shop setup

Well, it has been a long time for an update.  Tomorrow a new project will begin in the shop.   There has been all sorts of small projects since completing school but this is the start of furniture building.   Set up a 12" Jointer today so I can flatten wood expediently.  Tytus and I have been delving deep into the tool and wood hoard of our father.  Treasures have been found, junk has been found.  This has been an emotional process.

The set of benches will be crafted from reclaimed Douglas fir from the old Rotary park pavilion and cherry from an unknown source.  A simple design, yet I feel I can sneak a little something in there.  We will see.

Pictures will follow.  I hope to do I small site transformation soon, we will be building a custom set of stairs in Cherry and Fir.  A bespoke kitchen for our good friend John McGovern designed by another good friend Alanna Quock.  It will feature Maple, Walnut, Concrete, Slate and all the other good things in a kitchen.  

As for my personal projects I have a plan to get something done sooner than later.  A possible collaboration with the wonderful and talented Rosemary Scanlon, and in the big dreams I have been mulling over a dining table for 5 years now since I built my first.  It is my greatest hope to build magical tables of feasting and frivolity.  I started this journey with craft a long time ago but it was five years past when I truly created something.  It was with my brother and many hands were involved at one point or another. I will never forget sitting down for a beer when it was done.  Here is the only pictures I have. 

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