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Staircase Work

This is a staircase I have been working on for months, it has really opened my eyes with how much work is involved in a project like this.

All the treads will be joined with sliding dovetails, the joinery is highlighted in the design so there is very little room for error.

Img_0287 Img_0394 Img_0393 Img_0384 Img_0382 Img_0338 Img_0337 Img_0331 Img_0283 Img_0385


Lends me some comfort to see your craft is expanding so impressively Lymond. Those curves give some grace to that space. Makes it seem longer. Your notes on the blindness to beauty in the world are tragic and truthful and are in essence what drives me to put art into the world. Good to read that bit. The staircase as a symbol of enlightenment.
Brian - over 7 years ago

Hey there son, how is that stair case coming along? I can´t wait to see it and will be home in less than a month. Walking along the Fistere Coast to Mary´s stone boat. Love, mom
MOm - over 7 years ago

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