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Vanity Curved Veneer work

Here are some photos of the fished panels on the lower cabinets for the Vanity.  It was alot of fun doing this work and a bit nerve wracking waiting for the panels to come out of the press and see how they turned out.  Squaring up these curved panels was also interesting, I am not really quite sure how I did it in the end...


The picture of the tools is what I had organised before going into the glue room.  It is very akin to baking. You have to weigh out the glue and mix it up and then spread it on the veneers and place them on the cores. It is then placed on the form and vacuum pressed.  You have to wait until it is all cured before you can see the results.

100_1981 100_1976 100_1977 100_1978 100_1979 100_1980

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