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Vanity Top and Ebony Veneer

The core for the top of the vanity has been built and its time to wrap it in the beautiful maccassar ebony that I sawed up as one of the first steps in this project.  Its moisture level is very even now.  But before any of that happens I have to get the mirror frames glued up and the patterns for the bevelled glass sent out before I run out of time.  The fitment of the doors is still to come and that means having the silver knife hinges made up.  In this series of photos you can start to see what I saw in my head as I imagined this piece.  I can feel the project coming together now, its almost as if I am a custodian.

100_1997 100_1982 100_1983 100_1984 100_1985 100_1986 100_1987 100_1988 100_1989 100_1990 100_1991 100_1992 100_1993 100_1994 100_1995 100_1996

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