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Vapensmeden Karmstol

These pictures show the progress on the "Gunsmith's Chair" designed by Karl Malmsten.  I am using Ash sourced locally from Oland.  It is quite friendly to work and has very pleasing tones.  I am enjoying this chair quite a bit, the draftimg process was very interesting. 

Here are some pictures of the progress on th chair.  It is next to an original Malmsten version.  I will finish it in California, as I had to be able to pack it up for transportation home.

100_1850 100_1849 100_1848 100_1847 100_1812 100_1846


Very nice, Lymond. Make sure and post pictures of the finished product. I want to see it finished. When you say "drafting process" are you referring to making a full scale drawing of the chair? Are they teaching you to do the perspectival views from three different angles?
Rob Wilcox - over 8 years ago

Very nice, Lymond. I would love to see pictures of the chair when it is completed.
Rob Wilcox - over 8 years ago

Thanks Rob, It will be in the midwinter show at CR
Lymond Hardy - over 8 years ago

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